27 July, 2012

Space Wolves Escalation Force (or how I finally got my army painted)

With 6th edition in full swing, my local group has an escalation league starting on August 1st, and running for 3 months.  The guy running it is working on missions for the campaign, as well as a map of the Austin area, modified to be more "grimdark" of course. ;)

Being that I'm such a slow painter, the wolves will be a good fit for me, as I already have a few expensive HQ's painted up, so the force will be focusing on a tactic I'm enjoying right now, that of putting multiple hard-hitting characters on the board, and using them to eliminate enemy leadership quickly and efficiently.  The downside is that at 1500 points (the final value in the last month of the escalation) my army will total 28 models, 11 of which are Imperial Guard infantry.

The first 500 points (my force for the month of August) is a pretty simple 8 models, but still manages to hit pretty hard.  

Thunderwolf Lord w/ Runic Armor, Storm Shield, Wolf Claw, Wolf Tooth Necklace, Wolf Tail Talisman - This guy packs a decent punch, and will spell death for most characters or units I see at the 500 point level.

Rune Priest w/ stock gear, 1 Divination power & 1 Biomancy power - Used mostly as a support character, he beefs up my Grey Hunters' leadership, as well as augmenting their firepower, or the resilience of one my units.  That's the hope anyway; the warp is a fickle benefactor at the best of times. ;)

1 Thunderwolf Cavalry w/ Stormshield - My Wolf Lord's trusty bodyguard, or is it the other way around?  The save afforded by Runic Armor often sees my lord leading from the front, as my narrative supports.

5 Grey Hunters w/ a Plasma Gun & Mark of the Wolven - five of the Great Company's finest, given the honor of making initial planetfall with Bran Solfang himself.

While I have the 2 HQ units painted already, I'm still finishing up the Grey Hunters and the TWC, so look for finished photos of those in the near future, as well as updates on the course of the war effort!


  1. Replies
    1. The arm is from the Beastmen Gor set. Hand is from the Vampire Counts Ghouls. A bit of greenstuff to smooth out the conversion. :)

  2. Question out of the blue, but where's the 'other' arm from? That is to say, the arm holding the bolter up against the pad?

  3. That's actually just a standard arm that comes in the Grey Hunter box.