20 June, 2012

Wolf Lord WIP II

Well it's update time.  I've been pushing hard to get this model out of the gate.  WargamesCon starts (for me) on Friday, and the painting competition is Saturday.  These photos are a couple days old and I'm much further along at this point, so I don't think time will be an issue.  I am woefully behind on projects in general, including two other models that were supposed to be done for WGC, but I suppose as long as I stay diligent and tackle it one thing at a time, I'll catch up eventually, right? :) 

Photos!  The wolf is done, aside from the addition of some snow in the fur.  I wanted to play up the whole "sunwolf" thing with my Wolflord, so I wanted a vibrant yellow wolf, without taking him too far into "Imperial Fists" territory.  At this stage I had finished the armor, including freehand, and worked in the base for the paint chipping.  I also did the basecoat and first wash for the bronze and the soft joints/cables.  He normally wears runic armor, so I wanted to stack as much knotwork and the like on him as possible, without making it look too busy.  Finished pics will come soon!

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