27 March, 2012

Puppy Love

My other Thunder Wolf has Preferred
 Enemy against Monstrous Creatures.
It's been a crazy month, and I wasn't able to get my regular blog posts in, but I'm back now!  As a devoted Space Wolf player, it was only a matter of time before the new Thunder Wolves ended up at my work desk.  Initially I bought one box, thinking I'd build a small unit and repurpose all the bits elsewhere, but I was left wanting more.  In the end, I got two boxes - enough for a good sized unit and a pair of Wolf Lords, one of which will eventually move over to lead a large pack of Fenrisian Wolves.

The kit goes together easy enough, though you'll want to pay attention to the instructions, as  the saddle pieces and the wolves themselves are pretty particular.  Take a little time with some liquid greenstuff (a step I haven't quite gotten to) to clean up the join lines on the wolves.

The first three wolves I did were built straight out of the box, but I wanted to make the second box look a bit different, so I deviated from the instructions.  They went together well enough, but will need some fur sculpted on in some places before I can get them painted.  

All the marines benefited from my extensive bits box, to tie them in with the look of the rest of my force, and a couple have magnets for changing some of the special weaponry.  I also wanted to have one carry the company banner, since the Wolf Lord rides with them, which will give me a good opportunity for freehanding later on, as the unit will be a centerpiece for the army... or at least draw a lot of attention/fire.

Most of the kitbashing is done at this point, but I'm still left with some greenstuffing to do before I can prime, particularly on the Lord with the Frost Axe.  I've also got to pick up some nid parts in trade this weekend to put on the bases, and then I'll get into the paint.

You'll be seeing more of these guys soon, as I track my progress on the unit.

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