02 March, 2012

Angels Sanguine Snipers

This unit rounds out my current commission I've been working on, just in time for me to pick up another client's project on Sunday.  The cloaks were an interesting experiment that ended up turning out well;  it's too bad Space Wolf Scouts can't have camo cloaks, or I'd use the technique on my own army!

My only reservation is the heads;  fluff-wise, Angels Sanguine marines never show their faces to those outside the chapter.  But maybe with the cloaks and the fact that they're snipers, no one ever really sees them anyway? ;)

Happy weekend everyone! I'm looking forward to my tournament; I managed to fit 5 (almost 6) Twin-linked Lascannons into a 1250 point army, so I'm curious to see how bad it tanks my spotsmanship score!

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