21 February, 2012


Today, I've got  pics of a few things on my work table.  First up, I finished the first 5 of the Sniper Scout Squad.  I've got 5 more on the work bench, and that will more or less finish up the army.  (I have a trio of Landspeeders to paint for the army, but that won't happen until early summer)

Next up is a little something I'm working on for myself.  I hang out in the SW forum on the Bolter and Chainsword, so when the painting vows came around again I put this in, in the hopes that I'd be motivated to get another model done for my own army.

So far, the armor is done, the base is ready for snow and I've based the animal pelts, cables, and armor joints.  I'm keeping him simple for an HQ unit, since he spends so much time sitting in a Land Raider.

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