14 January, 2013

A mishmash of WIP

Wow, time really flies around the holidays!  Before I knew it, I was way behind on things.  I decided last year that it was time I headed back to school, and my classes have started up for the semester.  Unsurprisingly, my hobby time has taken a bit of a hit.

Nevertheless, I needed to get SOMETHING out for you dear readers, so bare with me as I attempt some semblance of catching back up on things in the Warhammer World.

First up, I have an early photo of a conversion of mine that has been raising a few eyebrows in my local gaming area.  I've since gotten it painted to a 3-color minimum for playing, but it needs more work before I'll be ready to unleash it on the internet.

I present what has been dubbed "The Hive".

It's a pretty simple repurposing of tree bark, a bastion and some milliput.  As a Space Wolf Bastion, it will get a compliment of icicles along the upper cornice, as well as some heroically large banners over the entrance.

Next up, I've got a hot item - a squad of Cataphractii Terminators.  I've added some subtle conversions to make them wolfy, and the painted one is about 90% done to test my scheme ideas and make it all come together.  I am particularly fond of the Reaper Cannon conversion, which was a kitbash of the stock SW Assault Cannon and a Chaos Reaper, all folded into a Cataphract arm.  My love of this kit has gotten me hooked for the Justaerin Terminator set that just came out, so Russ willing, you'll be seeing those converted into a Wolf Guard Command Squad soon.

Lastly, I have the almost completed results of my second foray into reimagining iconic heroes of the 40k universe.  He's also planned to be my primary piece for the 2013 painting competition circuit, which recently grew to encompass another pilgrimage to the US Gamesday in Memphis.  He's got a bit of fine detail left to be hammered out (or chiseled out... who would use a hammer for fine detail?), most noticeably the skulls on his sword and the bionics of the attendants on the base.  There is also some finecast to be repaired (my FAVORITE thing to do), but I guess it comes with the territory for now.  I'm excited to get painting on this guy, and will cover my progress pretty extensively here, so you'll get to see some better shots of all the angles soon... I'll probably make a trip over to the B&C to antagonize the Black Templar members with a PIP thread too, because I'm just like that.

I give you High Marshall Helbrecht.

Well, that's what I have tonight.  I don't intend to leave things as long as I did last time, so we should start to get back to some kind of regular posting interval, especially as I get closer to the summer convention time.

Thanks for reading!


  1. this is great! great stuff as always. thanks!

  2. Quality vs quantity. I think your infrequent posting will be overlooked given the shear face-melting awesomeness of your work :)

  3. Looking good Brandon, especially the Helbrecht. Can't wait to see him at GD ; )


  4. That is some nice work on the bastion, and awesome work on Helbrecht!