12 September, 2012

Space Wolves Escalation Force Update (September)

Well, here we are almost halfway through the month of September and the escalation is in full swing.  I finished my required 500 points for August, and jumped immediately into my September additions, so Grey Hunter squads from both months are in this post.  By stretching points on my HQ units, and adding in a previously painted model, I'm able to field 1000 points now, so I can take the rest of the month to get my remaining unit done and not have to wait until the last minute to get in games that I'll get paint credit for.

Anywho, you probably came here to see some pictures...

This is my second Grey Hunter pack for the army.  You'll start to notice a trend in the units, in that I've got several ways to differentiate my units for my opponent to easily distinguish between them on the battlefield.  For flavor mostly, they have a small geometric design typical of the wolves located on the right knee.  Some forgo this in favor of an honor mark on the same knee.

As that alone is pretty hard to see in the chaos of melee, other features are the differing boss poles of each pack, along with the packs having different shoulder pads, the studded shoulders going to the pack largely made up of mark V & VI armors.

My first Grey Hunter pack is identified by the Wolf Helmets, as well as a skull & crossbones device on the left pad.  I painted more of the models with special gear for this unit, so you can see a Wolf Banner, Power Axe and Mark of the Wolfen in this unit.  I ran into a bit of a setback with this unit, as I ran out of Codex Grey, and must now rely on Dawnstone as my midtone.  This has created a noticeable difference in the armor on my two units.  I think I might be able to bring it in line with a glaze of Dawnstone on the crossbones pack, but that's for later when I have more time;  For now, they'll just have to be a little different.

I had a lot of fun painting this banner.  I like to have a lot of banners in my forces, even for models that don't benefit from the wargear option, and I was able to create a layout that was visually striking, but simple enough that I don't spend too much time on it; I'll save that for the Great Company Banner that is carried by my Thunderwolf Cavalry unit.

I'll leave you with a shot of the full army as it stands now, stretching out to make 1000 points.  I'm working on a Long Fang pack to round the force out before I make the leap for 1500 points in October, which will bolster my existing units, and allow me to refit an old piece to fit with the current army scheme.

Unit Breakdown

HQ - Wolf Lord Bran Solfang
HQ - Bjorn the Fell-Handed
HQ - Rune Priest

Troop - 5 Grey Hunters with Plasma Gun, Power Axe, Wolfen, Banner
Troop - 5 Grey Hunters with Plasma Gun

Fast - 1 Thunderwolf Cavalry with Storm Shield


  1. Wow, this is phenomonal. Could you provide a tutorial of how you painted your Grey Hunters?

    I'd love to *Attempt* to emulate your style, its EXACTLY what my mind's eye had envisioned the wolves to be.

    1. I think I can swing something like that here in the near future. I was thinking of a more in depth post using my upcoming LF Pack Leader for a guinea pig, since he has a lot of elements wrapped up in one model.

    2. That would be fantastic! Thanks! Any preliminary comments on the base coloring? Was thinking about buying base coat paints this weekend

    3. Sure! the model was primed black. I use three colors for the armor itself - VMC Pale BlueGrey, GW Dawnstone (Previously Codex Grey) and GW Adeptus Battlegrey.

      For deeper shading, I feather in Leviathan Purple and Asurman Blue into the deeper recesses, followed by a thin glaze of Devlan Mud over the armor.

      Finally, I edge the highest points in Pale GreyBlue again.

  2. Thanks Brandon! This will be a great starting task while waiting for your pack leader!

  3. I'm also looking forward to seeing that tutorial!

  4. I can't help myself waiting for that tutorial about your wolves.
    Do you airbrush them?
    Thank you very much for the armour recipe!

    1. The armor gets airbrushed in the beginning, but that's about it; I don't like to rely too heavily on it, but it does save me the time of wetblending the armor for tabletop models, just to keep a unified look for the army.

  5. Like the style! Low numbers and lots of details/conversion on each characters to make them special... The markings are a particular touch to the unit formation and you kept first-rate blending theme throughout. Nicely done !

    PS: out of content but go to your Blog setting, choose 'LAYOUT', see top left for 'FAVICON', change the 'B' icon of the blogspot for something you want. It will change/convert the icon of your web URL.